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THCK Custom

Armored Generic 6X6

Armored Generic 6X6

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Bank Robbery RP a hit on your server? Well increase the RP with BANK TRUNK ROBBERYS with this beautiful 6x6. it can be used for along more like prisoner transport and drug movement!

Reflections on Point
Seats **8**
2 in the front (driver & passenger)***
4 in the back (on the metal bench)**
2 on the outside rear (able to carry ARs)

Extra 1 - Push Guard on Front
Extra 2 - Inside Rear Seats
Extra 3 - Cages
Extra 4 - Cash Crate
Extra 5 - Safe
Extra 6 - Gold Cart
Extra 7 - Metal Bench

Primary - Body (TEMPLATED)
Secondary - Rims

Turbosquid - Model
+Vincent#9999 - Model work
OP#5204 - Metas
Medic909#5505 - Rear lights
Rogue Thunder - Rear/Scene light textures
Interier - Whoever I bought the bulldog from I forgot...
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