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THCK Custom

Generic Swat Truck

Generic Swat Truck

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The armoured tactical vehicle most recognized for its military and law enforcement usage where it saves lives on a daily basis.



- Multiple Extras
- Door Bracher Toggled and Non Toggled
- MARs System
- Interior Hatch Stand up/down
- Fully Templated
- Dirt Mapped
- Multiple Seats (9 in total)
- 6 inside 2 outside 1 hatch
- Mars system toggles with extra 7 and goes up and down with 5 and 8 in the num pad please note I did my best with this as Gta mechanics suck so it will be glitchy
- Non-ELS Lighting

Original Base - Turbosquid
Scully - Metas
ryman119 - Non-ELS Lighting
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